Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ultrasound update

I had a growth ultraound today just to check up on Connor. Being high risk means you get tons of ultrasounds. I can't complain, I love seeing him! He wasn't being too cooperative and kept kicking the ultrasound wand, but she still managed to get some good pictures of him!

He kept his chin on his chest the entire time. And he's not blowing a bubble, that's the umbilical cord!
Creepy face shot!
He then put his feet by his head and didn't want to move them. Doesn't look very comfy to me!
The tech had to explain this one to me, but it's a shot looking up at his nose basically. If you see where the white hand pointer is, his nose is just to the top left of it (you can see his nostrils) and below that is his upper lip.
And a cute profile pic, still with his chin on his chest.

He's so much bigger than he was the last time we saw him. Less than 10 weeks now until we get to meet him!
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