Friday, August 17, 2012

The adventures of tiger

Every child seems to have some object that they attach to. For my nieces, it was their blankies. They couldn't go anywhere without their blankies. So I waited in anticipation (more like dread) to see what Grace chose to attach to. One of her blankets? A baby doll? Nope, she attached herself to a small stuffed tiger that I bought years ago at a library program. I had it up in her closet and it fell down one day and she hasn't let it go since.

I am not exaggerating when I say tiger goes pretty much everywhere with us. She sleeps with him and I practically have to force it out of her hands when she needs to eat. He has been through the washing machine numerous times and his stripes have slowly faded away. So now he just looks like an orange cat. But Grace doesn't care. She loves him and I dread the day when she leaves him somewhere. I need to order a few more as back ups.

So I thought I would document some of tiger's adventures! By the way, I did not stage any of these pictures, this is all Grace's doing.

He regularly rides in the stroller
He also gets to drive Grace's car a lot
After Grace eats, tiger almost always sits in her booster chair for a few minutes
He of course had to go to the zoo with us. She held on to him for the entire 2 hours.
 I wish I could show you all of the places tiger has ended up. He often sits in her Elmo chair or Connor's bumbo. He is her constant companion.

Today, she did something new. She pulled both of her blankies out of her crib and decided tiger needed to be wrapped up in them.

She was working very hard on getting him wrapped up.
Success! And cuddles for him now that he was nice and warm.
She then laid on the floor with him in the blankies like this watching Sesame Street for quite a while.
Eventually tiger wanted to get out and watch too. She was telling him everything that was going on and petting him.
 And this is what happened when she finally realized I was taking pictures.
Hey mom! This has become a classic Grace face.
All smiles. Look at that hair!
Those are the adventures of tiger, I hope you enjoyed them!
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  1. I always kinda wished my daughter would get attached to something but nope.. The only thing she's attached to is her first 2 fingers on her left hand..



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