Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grace's Favorite Things- Toddler Edition

When Grace was a baby, I posted some of her (okay, our) favorite things. Now, she's old enough that  I figured it was time for a real "Grace's favorite things" post. When she loves a toy, she makes it pretty obvious. So, in no particular order, her favorite toddler toys are:

1. Kitchen and Play Food- Grandma bought her a play kitchen for Christmas last year and Great Grandma bought her play food and pots and pansto go along with it. She plays with these things for hours. She pretends to cook and loves putting things in the microwave and oven. She stirs things in the pots and pretends to feed her tiger, Mike and I. We have the Step2 LifeStyle New Traditions Kitchenand it is adorable. I think it's a great size for toddlers, not too overwhelming.

2. ABC Nesting Blocks - My mom bought these for Grace when she was pretty young and I stuck them up in her closet thinking she was too young for them. When she was about 14 months, another friend of mine talked about how much her daughter loved hers, so I decided to get them out. Grace loves stacking them and nesting them together. An added plus is that she's learning her letters, numbers and animals from these blocks. If you point to things, she will identify them and she often surprises me by what she knows.

3. Baby Doll- A family friend bought Grace this baby doll several months ago and she took to it right away. It is the perfect size for her. Not only is it a baby, it has a rolling backpack carrier that the baby can ride in. Grace LOVES bags, so she can fill the bag up to her heart's content and "take baby for a walk" at the same time. She loves to wrap the baby up in her blankets and rock her. I plan on getting her more baby doll accessories for Christmas so that she can take care of her baby while I'm taking care of Connor.

4. Little Tikes Play House, Climber, and Cozy Coupe- Grace loves playing outside so my goal this summer was to get her some outside toys that we could leave on our deck. I've shared pictures before of Grace playing in her play house that I scored on Craigslist for $30. It is probably her favorite toy right now.

My brother gave us the climber that my nieces have outgrown. Grace loves the slide and it is the perfect size for her to climb on.

A while ago, a friend and I managed to get a great lot of outside toys for free from someone giving them away because they were old and dirty. The lot included two Cozy Coupes that we took and cleaned up. I gave one to a friend and the other has become Grace's "car." I will share a video soon, she loves getting in and out of it and laughs hysterically when daddy pushes her around in it. I think outside toys are worth their weight in gold for toddlers. They have so much energy and most love to be outside!

Those are her favorite things. Coming tomorrow is a post about my favorite things for toddlers!

What toy(s) does your baby or toddler love right now?

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  1. She is too cute!

    We definitely need to get some of those outdoor toys, I bet my daughter would love them.

  2. Hey - I love that baby doll, and my daughter loves bags too! Do you know where it came from?

    1. It's from Target, here's the link: http://www.target.com/p/circo-rolling-baby/-/A-13783410

  3. I can't wait to get Reagan her first play kitchen! She loves playing with them so much when she sees them at her friend's houses.

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