Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family visit and water fun

We are now recovering from a very busy, fun weekend around here. My parents came up to visit this weekend and brought my nieces, Emma and Haley, with them. Grace was so excited that they all came to see her. They pretty much played all weekend with small breaks for sleeping and eating. Grace took a 3 and a half hour nap when they left and then went to bed at her normal time and fell asleep immediately. She is exhausted!

Thankfully the weather cooled off some this weekend so were able to let them play outside a lot.

They loved playing in Grace's new playhouse.

Emma, Grace, and Haley

Haley posing for a picture
The dogs also love it when they come to visit. They get more attention on these weekends than another other time. Emma wanted to take pictures with them.

Emma and Doc

The girl's favorite part of the weekend? Playing with Grace's water play table. It was a huge hit and they were all soaking wet by the end.
Grace's favorite part was dumping all of the water out of the table onto the deck. The older girls were concerned that she was wasting all of the water, but luckily Mike came to the rescue and refilled it several times.

She kept pouring water on herself and she and Haley had fun dumping it on each other. I love all of the fun Grace facial expressions that my mom caught on camera.

 I told them to smile and pose for a picture, this is what I got. It shows their personalities pretty well!

During one of the water refills, Mike decided that the girls needed to be sprayed with the hose and Emma and Haley thought that was about the funniest thing ever. Grace wasn't sure what to think and mostly stayed back and watched as he sprayed them and they ran around the deck giggling and trying to hide.
What are they doing mom?
She joined in the fun for a minute by going in the house, then daddy sprayed through the window and she ran!
I love the look on her face!
 She had a great time and was sad when they left today. I think it'll take us most of the week to get recovered and back to our normal schedule, but it was worth it!

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