Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks

I have now reached the point where I feel like I have been and will be pregnant forever! Week 20-30 tend to be extremely boring in my opinion because you have already found out what the gender is, but it's too early to get everything ready. I've done a few things for his arrival, but overall we're going to be waiting to do most things until September or October. Any other pregnant ladies feel like the second trimester seems to last forever??

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How far along? 25 weeks 4 days

Weight gain/loss: I honestly don't want to know. I think I'm up somewhere in the range of 10-15 lbs. I'm trying not to worry about it too much.

Feeling:  In general things are going well. Physical therapy has really helped with my sciatic pain. However, "morning" sickness has returned over these past few weeks. I really hope it goes away soon! I'm also extremely sick of not having any control over my emotions. I get grumpy so easily for no good reason.

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Hit and miss. I think it would be fine if I wasn't getting up 4-5 times a night to go to the bathroom.

Food cravings: Pizza Hut and powdered sugar donuts.

Gender: Boy!

Movement? I feel movement all day long! Mike has felt him multiple times and I love watching him bounce my belly around at night. However, I do not love the fact that because he is breech he pushes his head into my ribs about a million times a day. He is only happy when I'm laying back. If I try to sit up or lean forward at all, he pushes his head hard into my ribs to express his dislike of being squished!

What I miss? Being able to sit comfortably

Best moment this week: Grace has been extra cute this week and has decided her favorite activity is giving hugs and kisses. She'll go "hi mama" and run up to me and give me a huge hug and kiss. It melts my heart!

What I'm looking forward to: Going to a consignment sale next weekend and getting great stuff for Connor!

Next Appointment: July 30th

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  1. I have been feeling the opposite. The first trimester was the longest for me. It seemed to go by extremely slow. The second is still slow but not as bad. I feel time id=s kicking up. And since we are not finding out the gender yet, it seems to go even slower because I'm starting to feel anxious of wanting to know. But you are looking great! I'm about two weeks behind you as I turn 24 weeks tomorrow :)

  2. The first trimester FLEW by for me...since about week 16, it's been S...L...O...W...I'm 22.5 weeks and I feel like I've come so far, but there is still so far to go. I've got a lot to do before this baby arrives, but part of me feels like I don't need to worry about it right now since she's not due for 4 months. The other part of me is like "don't put it off until the last minute when you're huge and uncomfortable!" So far, the procrastinator in me is winning.

  3. I'm right there with you. I feel like the second trimester is never going to end and to top it off, my morning sickness is back too. I'm thinking I'm gonna need some early baby clothes shopping to make me feel better.



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