Thursday, July 19, 2012

First haircut!

I apologize for my blogging absence! Trust me, it wasn't intentional. But honestly the last few weeks haven't been too exciting in our house. It's been over 100 degrees outside for over a week now and Grace and I have been trying to keep ourselves entertained inside. This is a struggle with an active toddler and a pregnant, uncomfortable hot mommy! By the time she goes to bed, I am exhausted and pretty much fall into bed. Isn't the 2nd trimester supposed to be easier?? So I promise I'll try to be better! I do have some things to update you all on, including my physical therapy for my hip and leg pain and an awesome new toy we got for Grace, so stay tuned over the next few days for that!

Today, my baby girl hit a milestone. She got her first haircut. Haircut is actually not really the right word, it was more of a bang trim, but it still seemed like a big milestone to me. She did really well and sat on my lap contentedly for most of it watching her favorite videos. She tried to break free from me a couple of times, but luckily the hairdresser was quick!

First, a shot to show you how long her bangs had gotten! I always tried to put her hair in a bow or sweep her bangs to the side with a barrette, but she is amazingly talented at pulling them out within a few minutes. Plus I just wanted to share this adorable photo of her and her friend Lincoln!

Thankfully, we came prepared with YouTube videos!
She ended up spending most of the cut like this because she was getting annoyed with the lady messing with her hair. She's quickly running out of room on my lap due to Connor so she was almost falling off!

The finished product! Not the straightest trim I've ever seen, but pretty impressive for a wiggly 18 month old. I can't bear to cut any of the rest of her hair and she'll probably be 10 years old before I let her cut it!

She looks like such a big girl and she looked at me like I was crazy for taking so many pictures. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets emotional over this kind of thing? May be I'll just blame it on pregnancy hormones!

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