Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Words, words, words

It's amazing to watch a toddler's mind develop. Lately, Grace has been picking up words very quickly and she has a few new ones each week. She watches our lips move and tries to repeat what we say. So far, her most consistant words are:

Dada, mama, dog, Doc, Bubba (Buddy,) ne (again,) ball, hi, bye bye, papa, duck, roar, meow, and bawk.

The last 3 are obviously sounds that animals make, she will do them when you ask her what sound a tiger, cat, or chicken make (most of the time.) If you ask her about any other animal, she will tell you they say meow. For a long time, all animals said roar according to her so we're making progress!

We are pretty sure that she has said other things including ma (grandma) and cup, but she doesn't repeat them often enough to be sure.

This week is the first time we've heard her start to put words together in phrases. She saw Mike for the first time several mornings ago and said "hi dada." She still babbles a lot and later that day was looking straight at Mike saying "babble babble babble dada, babble babble." She was very serious about it and was certainly trying to tell him something important.

Tonight she was eating her dinner and asked me "Bubba?" I couldn't quite understand her and asked what she wanted. She then pointed to Doc who was sitting on the other side of her chair and said "Doc" and then looked around and asked again "Bubba?" She was asking where Buddy was. The dogs always sit around her chair while she's eating hoping that she'll feed them. He was sitting under her chair so she couldn't see him. When I called him and she saw him, she happily continued eating.

It's great that she's learning to communicate with us. It's starting to make life easier and I've been trying to work on words like drink, eat, diaper, nap so that she can really tell me what she needs.

I've been trying to get her to talk on video, but of course as soon as I turn the camera on she starts whining and wanting to steal the video camera. So the best I could do for you today is a cute picture. I hope everyone is having a great week!

She loves her Elmo chair!

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