Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Tour: Our dining room!

I'm linking up today again to Kelly's Corner for her home tour! I love seeing people's houses and with all of the new visitors I got last time I linked up, obviously other people do to! This week we're sharing our dining rooms.

This is a combination of pictures from before we moved in and now.

This is our entry way showing where our dining room is. It is right off of our front door. I like that it is open to the rest of our living space, but that it still feels like it's own room. I love all of the windows in our dining room! Also, the light fixture in the dining room is my favorite in the house. Don't get me started on the horribly ugly one in the entry way!

Taken before we moved in
Finding a dining table that we liked was a challenge. The room is square and a rectangular table would have felt awkward. Finally we found a rectangular table with a fold out leaf that made it square at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We leave the leaf in all of the time to keep it square. We love it and it fits our style perfectly! 

Taken when we bought the table
The rest of these images are from today. Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary, so I got beautiful roses :) 

I love calla lilies, so when I saw this artwork at Kohls, I knew that I had to have it!

Sticking with the black and white theme in the dining room, I decided to print and frame some of my pictures that I took during my year studing in Europe. These frames include pictures from England, Scotland, France and Italy.

That's our dining room! Style wise, it's one of my favorite rooms in the house.

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  1. It looks so clean and I love the table/chairs!

  2. Stopping for a visit from Kelly's Korner.
    Your dining room space is gorgeous. I love the black and white photos. And the table and chairs really work.
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy (slightly belated) 4 year anniversary. Our fourth was on June 29.

    As you can tell I am a few weeks behind on my blog reading :)



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