Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby #2 Update

Pregnancy and blogging are not mixing very well for me. Grace has been sick with a fever and a runny nose and I have been extremely nauseous for the past few months. I have no energy and spend my days trying to keep Grace as entertained as possible. By the time she's in bed, I collapse and accomplish nothing. Poor Mike has been doing all of the housework and cooking for the past several months.

I had my 13 week (basically 14 week) check up today and everything is looking good! Baby is growing, even though I've lost 3 lbs. We got an ultrasound today! Little one was moving around so much it was a bit hard to get pictures but luckily we got some.

Profile View

Baby was obviously trying to talk to us

Stretching it's legs. I can't wait until I can feel this!

Head shot!
It feels more real to me now that we can see an actual baby in there, not just a blob. Baby is measuring about 5 days ahead, but they won't move my due date unless something major changes. So we are still expecting to meet this little one sometime around the end of October.

I remember thinking that Grace's due date was extremely far away, but October seems really close right now. It's overwhelming to even think about!

My doctor did take pity on me and prescribed some Zofran to help with my nausea. I was very excited about it until I got the pills are realized something. These pills are meant to dissolve in your mouth and they taste like mint. Random fact about me: I hate mint. It's gross. So the pill made me gag. I hope they get easier to take. Because I'm sick of being sick! Has anyone else had any experience with Zofran? Did it help you?

Now the countdown to our big gender reveal ultrasound begins! 5 weeks from today!

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  1. zofran was a godsend, I used it throughout my pregnancy with Aidan.

  2. I am sick of you being sick too!! Hope you can fight through and they make you feel better!

  3. And P.S.- 5 weeks!? YAY! I am guessing boy and I also agree that October seems not too far away <3



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