Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 13 weeks

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How far along? 13 weeks

Weight gain/loss: Down 6 lbs. The 1st trimester was pretty hard on me.

Feeling: Gross. My nausea with Grace was over by about 11 and a half weeks. With this baby, it just seems to be getting worse the farther along I get.

Maternity clothes? I'm wearing my maternity jeans or capris every day but most days I get away with a normal shirt. I don't think this is going to last much longer though.

Sleep: It's pretty hit and miss. Some nights are great, especially since Grace has been sleeping through the night again. But getting up to go to the bathroom multiple times is not helping and my hips have started hurting making it hard to get comfortable.

Food cravings: Food is nasty. I did have a craving for Five Guys last night which Mike so wonderfully helped me fulfill. Otherwise I've just been trying to find things that I can keep down. Taco Bell has been one of those things, which is odd because I normally hate Taco Bell. Mike loves it and so he's quite happy that I'm now eating it regularly.

Gender Prediction: Boy. Mostly because I've been wanting Taco Bell and Mike swears his mom craved Taco Bell with him so obviously it's a boy! :P 

Movement? Not yet. I can't wait to feel this little one!

What I miss? Deli meat!! Club sandwiches are my go to food at restaurants and I miss them dearly.

Best moment this week: Having one day where I felt like a normal person again.

What I'm looking forward to: Ultrasound on Thursday!!

Next Appointment: Thursday!

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