Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boy Birthday Gift- Dino Hoodie

Last month, one of Grace's little friends turned one. I have been trying to make most of the birthday presents we are giving lately to help save money, but I was a bit baffled by this one because this friend is a boy. For girls, you can make all sorts of cute clothing items. But for boys, what can you make? After searching on Pinterest, I found this gem: the Dino Boy Hoodie on the Ginger and George blog.

Dinosaur Hoodie

Even with my basic sewing skills, this was an easy project! Ginger and George has a great tutorial that is super easy to follow. I apologize for the weirdly lit photos, my camera was being odd.

Any boy is sure to love being a dinosaur! I bet a girl would love it too :)
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  1. That's the cutest thing ever! I would totally want one for my son haha. There are lots of dino things, but I don't think I have seen a hoodie like that in any store yet

  2. The effort you made is easy to follow...I will use it if i remember.

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