Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not a housewife

One of the ways I earn extra money is by doing surveys. And on said surveys, I am often asked my job title. Very rarely is stay at home mom a choice. Instead I often have to choose "Homemaker" or "Housewife." Now don't worry, this isn't a post about how those terms are derogatory or outdated! I just don't consider myself a housewife. May be most stay at home moms do? I don't know!

I spend my days chasing after a toddler, trying to get her to eat, sleep and stay decently clean. After trying to keep her alive for the day (sometimes that can be a challenge due to her recent enjoyment of climbing everything!) I try to maintain my own personal hygiene. My last priority of the day? Cleaning and cooking. Some of you are probably judging me like crazy right now. Don't worry, we don't live in a pig stye. Our house is kept decently clean and occasionally Mike and Grace get home cooked meals. But our house is not spotless and often my idea of cooking is making pasta or mac n'cheese out of the blue box. My job is taking care of Grace, not spending my time cleaning and cooking. I will have years to clean and cook after my kids are out of the house. Right now, I am content being a stay at home mom, not a housewife.

Really, who would want to clean instead of spending time with this face?

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  1. I think of the three choices, housewife, homemaker and stay at home mom, I like the homemaker title. Housewife sounds like you are a guest there in your husband's house. Stay at home mom to me sounds like a mom that happens to also stay home without doing any work and I know that is false. Homemaker wraps it all up, you are making a home in all senses of the word for your family. Just my 2 cents.

  2. To me, a housewife is a woman who stays home and "keeps up the house" and possibly does volunteering or charity work while her husband brings home the bacon. A homemaker is a woman who raises a family and makes the house a home. I'm comfortable with homemaker but not housewife.



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