Monday, January 30, 2012

Heat wave in January

Normally in January, you can find me complaining about the nasty weather. I don't like snow or ice at all. I find that I generally tend to be cold blooded. I spend most of winter bundled up and am still often completely freezing.

But this winter has been unusually warm. And I'm excited to say that here in KC it was a balmy 65ish degrees today. So some of my mom friends and I decided to get the kids out of the house and visit the zoo. It was such a pretty day and I have never seen the animals so active! We watched the rhinos for about 15 minutes because they were playing so much. I've never seen rhinos play, but this mom and baby kept chasing each other! The baby would try to charge the mom. Then they would touch noses and the mom would "push" the baby all over the enclosure. It was hilarious to watch!

The mom pushing the baby around! Photo stolen from my friend Megan!

We tried to get the girls to ride the carousel, but Grace wanted nothing to do with it! She cried the moment I tried to put her on the horse. I guess we will try again later in the year!

 This weather is making me yearn for summer. I can't wait for hot weather so that we can get in the pool again. I love summer clothes and I've already been searching for swimsuits for Grace! Here are a few of my favorites so far:

All from Baby Gap. I think the first one might be the winner because Grace is so fair we need something to cover her arms!
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