Thursday, January 5, 2012


I can't believe Christmas has come and gone. We spread our Christmas events out over 2 weeks to make it less stressful and I'm so glad we did. We had a wonderful time with both families!

On Christmas Eve, Grace got to open one present, her Christmas PJs!
She loved ripping wrapping paper!

Christmas morning, we spent at home opening gifts. We got the entire thing on video but failed to take many pictures. Her favorite gifts? Puffs and a plastic bucket that I got in a sand set for a couple of dollars at CVS.

Then we visited Grandpa Johns and Grandma Barb and Grandpa Doc's houses for more presents!! She got so much! She loved the Fisher Price ferris wheel from Grandpa John and her new kitchen from Grandma Barb and Grandpa Doc. We went to visit some aunts and uncles as well and Aunt Sharon gave her two of her favorite new toys, a purse and tea set! I'm still waiting on people to post pictures of all of this so that I can steal them!
All dressed up in her Christmas outfit!

It was  a long fun day!

New Year's weekend we made the 3 hour drive to Wichita to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. It was so much fun. Grace loved playing with her cousins and we all had a great time giving and getting gifts. My mom always goes crazy with Christmas shopping. This is what the room looked like before we opened gifts: 

Grace had 2 favorite toys of the day: a small cloth ball that my mom put in her stocking and a stroller and baby doll. The stroller is the perfect height for her! The whole weekend you could find her pushing the stroller around with the ball hanging from her mouth. Yes, she carried it in her mouth (don't worry it was way too big to be a choking hazard.) I think she must have learned that from the dogs!

She loved spending so much time with her cousins, Emma and Haley. They played together and Grace spent a lot of time just watching them!
Grace with 2 of her Great Grandmas. I love love love this picture

Our attempt at a family picture. Not great. 3 dogs and 3 kids are hard to get in one shot!

We were all tired after a long weekend of playing!!
We had a great two weeks and I'm sad that it's over. I loved spending time with all of our family! I also got a present that I'm really excited to try, my Cricut Cake Machine. I'm going to be using it on Grace's birthday cake next week!

9 days and counting until her birthday...I'm not ready!

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  1. Peighton cant wait to come over again and play with all those new toys! And she looked adorable in her Christmas dress!



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