Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things to appreciate when you're pregnant

I know lots of moms with babies Grace's age who are now pregnant again. And I will admit, it's made me extremely sentimental about being pregnant. And occasionally I find myself wanting another baby. But then I remember how much I disliked being pregnant. And how much work a newborn is. And how I am just now starting to get caught up on sleep again. That normally takes care of my temporary insanity!

However, there are many things I wish I would have appreciated more when I was pregnant. I was so sick and uncomfortable that I took many of the wonderful parts of being pregnant for granted!

1. People always hold the door open for pregnant women. Now, with a stroller and a diaper bag and who knows what else I'm trying to lug around, people just watch me try to fight to get in and out of doors. Rarely does anyone actually open it for me. I was out with a friend several months ago and we both had strollers. A man literally stood their watching us wrangle the strollers through the door while giving us angry looks. After we were in, he hurriedly walked out.

2. There are parking spaces for pregnant women. My grocery store, mall and local drugstore all have parking spaces reserved for "expectant mothers and families with newborns." I rarely used these when I was pregnant, but I did take advantage of them at the very end of my pregnancy. However, I now think they should make them wider and reserved for for families with kids. It is so much harder to wrangle a baby/toddler out of a car seat when your car is crammed into a tiny space. I have bumped my door into other cars before due to this and I actually had a lady yell at me once that I had banged up her car (there wasn't even a scratch.)

3. I know that you're really not "eating for 2" during pregnancy, but I never felt guilty about eating a little more junk food than normal when I was pregnant.

4. Baby showers. Ok this one might come off as selfish : ) This is the last time for most of us that we will get to have a party about us where people bring us gifts. I had my graduation party's, wedding showers and then baby showers. Yes, that does seem selfish but I enjoyed having the showers!

5. I miss the feeling of Grace kicking in my belly. I know her feet in my ribs often made me feel uncomfortable, but now that it's not there, I still miss it! 

I know someday eventually I will get pregnant again, so hopefully this post will serve as my reminder to enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. People opened doors for you?? On more than one occasion my last month of pregnancy people just stared at me like I was some sort of sideshow. I was at the gas station and had my hands obviously full and a guy stood on the other side of the door and just watched as I tried to use my butt to get the door open. Then he had the nerve to run inside before I let the door go. Jerk.

    I have seen malls whose parking spaces say New & Expectant Moms. I made my husband use one once just because we could. :)

  2. People are so much nicer when you're preggo! I have the same struggle with getting the stroller through doors, too!

  3. It is so hard with a double stroller. I had people not open the door when it is obvious I am struggling. When I was pregnant though, I had the royal treatment.



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