Monday, December 12, 2011

So much to do, so little time!

I realized this past weekend that Christmas is only 2 weeks away which means that Grace's birthday is only a short month away! I have so much stuff to do!! So here's my list for this week. May be if I post it here, it will magically all get done.

1. Fold all the laundry that we did this weekend and iron Mike's shirts- The laundry is currently sitting on my coffee table in a basket. I had a neat stack of hangers, now Grace has spread them all over the living room floor.
2. Finish putting ornaments on the tree.
3. Wrap presents- I haven't even started this. I have a huge pile of Christmas and birthday presents to wrap.
4. Make my oldest niece's Christmas present- I'll post pictures when I'm done!
5. Finish birthday present for one of Grace's friends.
6. Finish converting cloth diapers to snaps- This has been a horribly long task and I will post a tutorial on it when I'm done.
7. Vacuum- It needs to be done. Badly.
8. Get birthday invites ready to send out.
9. Make picture/video slideshow for Grace's birthday party.
10. Start DIY projects for Grace's party.
11. Start planning cake for Grace's party.
12. Organize the large pile of coupons that have been stacking up for weeks.
13. Finish reading "Son of Neptune." I'm really enjoying it, but it's overdue from the library so I really need to finish it!
14. Write an awesome giveaway post (hopefully will be posted tomorrow!)
15. Find time to work out.
16. Take Grace to see Santa

Two years ago, this would have been no problem! Now I spend my day chasing Grace around so I find it a bit harder to get things done : )

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  1. I'm way behind on housework, too.

    I still need to make my nephews' gifts. I've had the fabric since January and still haven't started on them. Oops. There's only one gift under our tree so far and it's all we've purchased.

  2. I am right there with you! My list to do is out of control. I'm like dreading it!



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