Friday, December 16, 2011

The mandatory Santa picture

Last night, we went to Bass Pro Shop to get Grace's 1st picture with Santa. Little did we know that you have to get a "Santa Pass" to even be able to wait in line, and they were out of passes for the day. So back home we came. I was not happy that we had wasted 30 minutes and had gotten Grace all dressed up only to come back empty handed.

So Grace and I tried again today. We got to Bass Pro at 1:30, had to get a pass to get in line at 2 and finally got up to take her picture at around 2:30. It was a long wait and of course I didn't think about bringing in the stroller, so my arms were killing me after holding her for an hour straight! She weighs close to 23-24 lbs now. I was worried that after such a long wait, she would be grumpy. Luckily there were 2 little girls behind us in line who were doing a great job keeping her entertained, they clapped with her, tickled her and they all had a great time. Finally we got to the front of the line!

Santa was really nice, he told me how beautiful she was, and she went right to him! She was tired so I couldn't get her to smile, but she wasn't crying. So in my eyes, it was a successful trip. Here is the fruit of my labor today:

Not the best picture in the world, but it will be a cute momento for her baby book. I never believed in Santa growing up, so this was my first real Santa experience!

Have you taken your kids to go see Santa yet?

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  1. You need a pass just to get in line? That stinks. We went on the weekend and only waited behind one person.

    Grace is adorable!

  2. I love her outfit, it's too cute! The deer in the background are great too!

  3. I think she looks cute and it is a good picture!!! At least she isn't screaming :)



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