Friday, December 23, 2011

Guest Post- My mom

So by Wendesday, Grace was finally starting to feel better and I thought we were home free! I was wrong. I have the worst immune system ever and my body hates me. I got horribly sick and am still in recovery mode. Therefore, I asked my mom to write a guest post for me since my days are now consisting of laying on the couch trying not to get sick and yelling at Grace to get out of the kitchen cabinets.

My mom is a very tech savvy person and has her own blog about being a grandma. My parents were always the "cool, young parents" so now they are the "cool, young grandparents." I know some of these "six things" are directly pointed at me. And because of that I'm going to post an embarrasing picture of her :)

Wow, gotta love the 80s hair and glasses : ) I'm guessing I wasn't much older than Grace here
 So that was the mean picture, here's a better more recent one of us at our wedding.

For your reading pleasure: 
Six Things You Should Never Say To A Grandma

Hello, Moments That Take My Breath Away readers - I'm Beth, otherwise known as Webgrandma, and I blog at  Mostly, I blog about being a grandma, and how much fun it is.  Since I'm a grandma, and Stephanie's mom, and Grace's grandma, Stephanie asked me to write a guest post about some things grandmas never want to hear.  I'm not going to tell you that you can't ever say one of these things to your child's grandma, just that I would recommend against it.  Here we go:

1. "We'd like you to only give your beloved grandchild one gift this year." 
Well, first off, I've been shopping all year for that little one of yours.  When I find a deal, I pick it up.  Also, I consider gift-giving an act of love.  Finding something that I know little Grace will love gives me a lot of pleasure, and really getting it right doubles the joy.  Giving six different presents that are just perfect multiplies that by six, and so, as you can see, I'm getting 12 times the enjoyment by giving six gifts.  Yeah, I know you've got space issues.  We did too when we were young parents, and once we made a grandma take a big plastic car back to her house for our kids to play with.  That's okay.  I don't mind if you leave some toys at my house - just let me give her some great stuff!

2. "We're going to Barbados this year for Christmas, so we won't be at your house."
All right.  I can live with that.  But, and here's the deal:  Christmas doesn't have to be on Christmas Day, but I want it sometime in the winter season.  I don't even mind coming to your house for a Christmas celebration sometime around Valentine's Day, but I want to see my grandchild open her gifts.  Every year.  Call me crazy.  Oh, and if you ever get rich, take old Grandma along on that beach trip, okay?

3. "Please don't feed our little sweetie anything but organic tofu and edamame."
Okay, Stephanie might be feeling a little persecuted on this one.  She's waiting until Grace is one before she has sweets.  I'm actually fine with this, although Papa is struggling.  He desperately wanted to give her a cookie last weekend.  Food allergies aside, if you've just decided that your child will grow up with nothing but the purest organic, locally-sourced, hand-picked veggies, and all I've got at my house when the grandkid is spending the night is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, I'm going with the mac and cheese.  If you tell me to try to limit the sweets to just one snack before bed, I can probably live with that, but please, let me indulge that little one just a bit. 

4. "We think little pumpkin looks just like his dad's side of the family."
Okay, you're right, little pumpkin does look something like her dad, but she's also the spitting image of her mom. In our family, we like to think that all the grandkids look most like our side of the family.  Weird, but true.

5. "We didn't figure you wanted new pictures of our little one this year, since we Skype all the time."
Grandparents' corollary #1: We always want pictures.  New pictures.  We would prefer a new one every day, but we'll take the Facebook updates for that.  However, we want printed ones every year.  If you haven't gotten studio pictures taken, no problem, just take out your cell phone, take some pictures, and print them up.  Buy a Walmart frame, and stick them in there.  We need pictures at our office, and to show our grandparent friends.  It's the cheapest gift you'll ever buy, and it makes us very, very happy.

6. "Oh, I didn't know that diaper was poopie when I asked you to check it!"  We've done our poopie diaper time in the poopie diaper trenches.  We'll do it, but we really don't like it any better than you do.  If a grandma tells you she loves cleaning up the poopie diapers, she's lying to you, or a better person than I.

In the interest of promoting good generational relationships, I hope you'll take to heart some of my ideas.  Remember, moms and dads, we're really crazy about your kids (and you too).  We want to spend time with them, and show them how much we love them.  Give us those things, and you've got built-in babysitters for a very long time. 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL your's baby pictures ! I'm also glad I found your blog and enjoy reading it! Merry Christmas and happy new year



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