Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 Months Old!


You are 11 months old today! You're looking more like a toddler every day and I can't believe in only one short month, you will be 1. I warn everyone, this post is video heavy!

You are changing every day and you have such a fun, loving personality! Here's my list for this month:
  • You're a bit of a goofball. You love making people laugh. You'll make funny faces and stick your tongue out just to get attention.
  • You said your first word this month! Mommy has to concede that your first word was indeed dada. As much as I wanted to deny it, you started yelling dada whenever you saw his picture or when he got home from work. I officially gave in when daddy went to take a shower and closed the door. When I took you in the living room, you wrestled out of my arms, quickly crawled to the door and started banging on it yelling at the top of your lungs "dada, dada!"
  • You have also said Doc Doc (for some reason we have always called him that, even though his name is just Doc.) It comes out more as Dac Dac but you certainly know who Doc is. You are trying to say Buddy too but it comes out more as Buody.

You love Doc and Buddy so much! 

  • You are cruising everywhere on furniture and you're a very fast crawler. You can stand on your own for a few seconds, but you're not confidant enough to let go. We think you'll be walking in the next month.
  • You are pretty independent (when you want to be.) Mommy tries to brush your teeth and this happens: 
  • Speaking of teeth, you now have 10. 8 front teeth and 2 side molars. The molars are both on one side, and we think the opposite 2 are on their way in now. You've really had a hard time with the molars, you had a constant fever, a nasty diaper rash and were generally pretty fussy. Mommy thinks that's why you wouldn't nap in your crib for so long. Luckily you're back to your normal naptime routine. 
  • Your new favorite things are computers. Anytime anyone is on one, you think you need to help. You bang the keys, move the laptop screen up and down, and even turn the computer off for daddy (he really appreciates that in the middle of his games!)
  • You love the ladybug that you are holding in this last picture. You carry it around everywhere with you and you love to sleep with your head next to it. 
  • You are in almost all 12-18 month clothes now because you are so tall.
  • You sleep through the night now every night!
  • You figured out how to clap this month and you love to clap along to music!

  •  You make the funniest noise right now which we think is you trying to give kisses. If we start making the kissing noise, you do it back to us. It's adorable.

And now the countdown begins for your birthday. We love you baby girl.

~Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Love this post! I wish I had started blogging when my daughter was a baby.



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