Sunday, November 13, 2011

Totally worth it....

We have a pretty normal bed time routine. We do a bath every other night, we read our two good night books, daddy cuddles and says goodnight, I feed her the last bottle of the night in the glider and then I put her in the crib and she goes to sleep.

We try to stick to it as much as possible, but tonight I looked at her as she was taking her bottle and I almost started to cry. I've certainly been feeling less "close" to her since we stopped nursing and when I look at her now, I see a toddler, not a baby. I know that the moments of her lying in my lap are fleeting. So instead of laying her down after she finished the bottle, I sang her lullabies and rocked her to sleep while she cuddled into my chest. I loved it. I know that the experts say not to mess with your routine and that it's better for their schedule to be consistent, but I'm happy tonight.  Cuddling my little girl, quietly singing to her while I watched her eyes slowly close was amazing. Those are the kind of moments that make all of the screaming, poop, and snot totally worth it. I love being a mom.
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  1. Very sweet post. Routine is good but if this is how you felt that night and she obviously enjoyed this cozy time with you than that was the right thing to do :)

  2. I can't wait until G is on a routine. There is nothing consistent about our days.

    They do grow up fast, though. I can't believe he'll be 1 month old on Saturday.

  3. Your post made me cry. I'm so sorry that life has been so crazy for the Adams' family since February and reading your post was just a reminder that Grace is worth it all.



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