Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Months Old


Stop growing up so fast! You look like a toddler now, crawling around, pulling up on everything, crawling up stairs, and zooming around walking behind push toys. 10 months ago, you were so tiny, now you weigh over 20 lbs and I think you are at least 30 inches tall. You're the tallest one in our baby play group! You obviously didn't get that height from mommy's side.

We've had a pretty tough last month with mommy's health problems and our transition to formula feeding, but you've been a trooper through all of it. You always make us laugh with your silly smiles!

We've had tons of visitors this month and you've enjoyed playing with all of your friends!
Playing with Lincoln

Playing with cousins Emma and Haley

Fun with Peighton and Brooke
Here's some highlights of this month:
  • You have 8 teeth now, 4 on bottom and 4 on top!
  • You love to eat and you pretty much eat everything that we're eating now. You get your own portion of pasta, your own sandwich etc. You love cheese and you still love banana. 
  • After your friend Lincoln came over for a day, you decided that you didn't want to army crawl anymore. Obviously that's just for babies : ) You are much faster now that you're really crawling!
  • Mommy gets her workout chasing after you all day. You love pulling up on everything and we think you're close to walking.
  • You wave at the appropriate times now!
  • We're pretty sure you've said Buh buh (bye bye) at the appropriate time and also Mommy thought she heard you say Doc doc (our dog.) You say baba a lot which mommy thinks might be bottle.
  • Your favorite things right now are books. We have never seen a baby love books so much. Mommy will lay your books out in front of you and let you choose the ones you want her to read. You will pick one, put it in her lap, and sit down and listen to the whole thing. When mommy puts that one down, you will pick out another one and do the same thing. This will last for 10-20 minutes before you get bored. You love the book Goodnight Gorilla, we seem to read that one at least 4-5 times a day. 
  • Your hair has really grown in this month and it's a little out of control! You get some pretty funny bed head. 
  • You have been testing your limits with Mommy and Daddy a lot this month. You purposely go and mess with things that you know you're not supposed to play with (ie the plants, the refrigerator, the dog's water) and then look at me and grin. When Mommy tells you no, you like to stick your tongue out and grin. It's really hard not to laugh at you.
  •  You crawl to Daddy every day when he gets home from work. It doesn't matter what we are doing, you always stop and get extremely excited when you hear the garage door open.
  •  You're sleeping through the night (most of the time.) You wake up at about 7 AM for a bottle and then go back to sleep again until about 8:30. Mommy really appreciates this!
  • You have decided that you don't really like bath time anymore. We don't know why but hopefully this changes soon.

We love you baby girl! 

~Mommy and Daddy
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  1. Oh my goodness, did she really start "real" crawling after that one day we were there? Too funny. Who knew babies could influence each other so much? I wish she would let Lincoln know that it's cool to SLEEP at night! :)



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