Friday, October 14, 2011

Couponing Update

I have started slowing down my couponing efforts. I never sat out to have a huge stockpile and it's amazing how quickly stuff has been stacking up. I only want to get things we will actually use. So my couponing trips have been for absolutely free items or things we really need. Here's what I've gotten over the last several weeks.

2 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners- Walmart- We use a ton of these. I got them for $.87 each after 2 $1 off coupons
2 bottles of Excedrin- CVS $.99 each= $1.98 + 1.98 ECB= Free!
5 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaners- Walmart- $3.97 each + 5 $4 coupons= $.03 moneymaker on each!
2 Softsoap body washes- CVS I don't remember the deal on this, sorry! I know they were cheap!
Renu contact solution- CVS- $8.99- $2 coupon= $6.99 + 7 ECB= Free!
Schick Quattro for Women Razor- CVS- $8.99- $5 coupon= $3.99 + 4 ECB= Free
Transformers toy- Target- $9.99 - $5 off manufacturer coupon + $5 off Target mobile coupon= Free!
Carters 18 month outfit- Target- $2.33 on clearance- I love cheap baby clothes
MyPublisher mini photobook of Grace- Free with free shipping!
Trident Gum- CVS- $1 for 3
Swiffer Duster- free from Vocalpoint
4 Covergirl blushes- Walmart- $3.74 each= $14.96- 2 $8 off 2 coupons= $1.04 moneymaker!
Carmex lip balm- CVS- Free after rebate
2 Aquafresh toothpastes- Walmart- $.97 each + 2 $1 off coupons= $.03 moneymaker on each!
Nursery Water bag- Free from Facebook giveaway
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