Monday, October 17, 2011

9 Months! (3 days late)

My dearest baby girl,

You are 9 months old today. I can hardly believe it. It feels like just yesterday that you were born, but at the same time it's hard to remember life without you. You didn't want to sit still for your 9 month photos, so I did the best I could!

You are such a joy at this age, daddy and I are constantly cracking up at your antics!
  • You are still fitting in your 9-12 month clothes! I really didn't think that would happen. Now that you're mobile, you're starting to lose your baby fat (I'm sad about that) and some of your 12 month pants are actually too big around the waist now. 
  • You have mastered army crawling but still aren't sure about real crawling yet. You will do it if you are close to what you want, but otherwise you just drop down and army crawl.
  • You pull up on everything now. Me, daddy, the coffee table, your toys, the bathtub, basically anything and everything you can find. We've had to do a bit more baby proofing to make sure you aren't reaching anything you're not supposed to have!
  •  If we hold your hands, you consistently take steps. As a graceful girl already, you always walk on your tippy toes!
  • Your hair suddenly decided to come in this month and I think it's going to be dark like daddy's.
  • I've finally decided your eyes are going to stay blue. They are dark blue like Papa's and they have a whitish yellow line around the pupil just like daddy's. This is the best picture I have of the color!
  • You are so silly. You love to talk to people in stores, sing, and chase the dogs.
  • You love to eat. We've started feeding you more table foods this month and you love feeding yourself. Your favorite thing to eat right now is chunks of banana. You also like to grab people's straws and try to drink whatever is in their cup. You've managed to drink papa's lemonade and cherry limeade (although I think he might have helped you out with that!) We're still going strong breastfeeding and I don't think we'll be stopping anytime soon. You have no interest in a bottle and will not drink breast milk out of a cup.
  • You have 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top and are working on the 7th on the bottom right.
  • You love anything on hinges. Closing doors, turning pages in books and the handles on the coffee table are all lots of fun.
  • Your favorite song is Old McDonald!
You are getting so big. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Mommy and Daddy

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