Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mommy must haves

I know that I've written several posts about Grace's favorite things, but I've never posted anything about my favorite things for baby. These aren't things that Grace has any interest in mind you, but they are extremely important to me.

1. Rechargeable Batteries

In our house, we used batteries for the following baby items: the swing, the pack n play bassinet, the bouncer, the sleep sheep, the jumperoo, the exercauser, and all of the other small toys electronic toys including My Pal Violet. And of course, all of these items eat batteries quicker than you would ever imagine. One of our best purchases was several sets of both AA and D rechargeable batters. Yes, they are expensive. But I can't imagine how much we would have spent on regular batteries by now. Mike just made a habit of changing out the batteries every few days in the important things such as the swing and the sleep sheep so they never ran our during a nap! There is nothing more frustrating than just getting your newborn to sleep in the swing for a nap and then having the swing run out of batteries.

2. Dimmer

When Mike was getting Grace's room ready, I knew that I really wanted a dimmer switch for her light. I didn't want to turn the light on full power for middle of the night diaper changes. I also loved the idea of being able to just have a little bit of light during late night nursing sessions. He and my dad installed this wonderful switch that allows me to control the amount of light that I want in her room! Our switches are pretty and white though.They also have the wonderful fan control which leads me to my next must have!

3. Ceiling Fan

I am paranoid about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and I did a lot of research on how to prevent it. One of the main recommendations is to have a ceiling fan going in the nursery to maintain air flow. So of course, installing a ceiling fan was another job for my wonderful husband and father. I picked this pretty one out and they got to work! It's so nice to have especially during the summer when it can get pretty hot here in Missouri. With the dimmer switch I showed you above, I can set the speed of the fan so that Grace doesn't get too cold. Most of the time I put it at it's lowest setting to maintain air flow.

4. Glider and Ottoman

Every new mom needs a comfortable rocker. I chose to go with a glider, which worked well for me because it is easy to get in and out of with a sleeping baby! Grace has always been so sensitive to being moved when she is asleep and this was the only chair that I could get out of while keeping her asleep. We were lucky enough to find this gorgeous Dutailier set at an overstock store for about $400 below retail. The ottoman is a necessity because you legs need to be up to help with nursing and feeding support. This is the one thing I would say to splurge on. You will be spending a ton of time in this chair, so it better be comfortable!

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