Thursday, September 15, 2011

8 Months Old (1 day late!)


You are 8 months old today. Seriously, where did the time go? You are growing up way too fast my dear!

You still look older than 8 months to me and everyone tells me you look closer to 12 months old! You've grown like crazy this month and you're starting to lose your baby fat rolls that I love so much. I don't know your exact stats but I know that you are over 20 lbs. I  will be interested to see how tall you are at your pediatrician appointment next month because you've shot up in height! I tried to put a 6-9 month outfit on you today and it was pretty comical how short it was. You're wearing 9-12 months clothes and are quickly growing out of them, I can't believe that you'll be in 12-18 month stuff soon!

 You've reached so many milestones this month it's hard to know where to start!
  •  You're crawling! You army crawl all over the place now by pulling yourself forward with your arms and pushing with your toes. You get up on your hands and knees ocasionally and rock back and forth but you still find that a combination of army crawling and rolling gets you where you need to go! You really like getting under your jumperoo and the table to play and you love to chase the puppies, which Doc loves and Buddy hates!
  •  You love your daddy so much.  I'm getting a bit jealous of the looks you give him when he comes in the door after work. You will be grumpy all day long, but when he gets home you are as happy as can be! You love to feel his beard with your hand, it's pretty adorable.
  • Speaking of daddy, you decided to babble your first words this month. And of course, your first real babble had to be dada. You have since added baba and gaga (which your grandmas believe means grandma.) I keep reminding your daddy that you don't actually know what you're saying yet, but he fully believes you are saying daddy!
  • You figured out how to pull up. So far you like to pull up on your changing table and on mommy and daddy. Your 8 month photoshoot was very difficult because you kept trying to pull up on the arms of the chair!
  • You've moved up to eating some table food this month. You love turkey, beef, pasta, and bread. You figured out how to feed yourself puffs (or as they are called in our house, stars) and you get very excited when you see the container! The only thing you didn't like this month was prunes. I fed you the first bite and you started screaming. Overall, you're a very good eater!
  • You also have mastered drinking out of a straw. This means that you think every straw you see should belong to you. You managed to drink some lemonade out of your papa's cup before he realized what was going on!
  • You have 6 teeth. 2 on bottom and 4 on top. You love to bite mommy with them. 
Showing off some of your teeth!  

  •  You love playing in your room and looking in your mirrored closet doors. Mommy got artsy the other day and took some pictures of you doing one of your favorite activities (looking at yourself!)
  •  You have started sleeping through the night again! We are now getting 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep and it's been wonderful. Please keep this up baby girl!
  • You are still a ham. You love attention and you love to make people laugh. When we are at restaurants, you strain your head back in your high chair to watch people and you try to make eye contact with them. You smile and giggle at people when we shop and of course, people just eat it up. Seriously, you get so many people to talk to you, it's amazing!

  •  Your hair has finally started to grow in and it's getting a little crazy and hard to control! It's adorable.
You are so amazing and smart and beautiful, I could go on and on. You surprise us everyday by how much you are learning and absorbing. I can't wait to see what the next month brings. I am sure you will be walking and talking before long and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that! I'm already starting to think about your 1st birthday party and I can't believe it's time for that yet!!

We love you so much baby girl!

Mommy and Daddy

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