Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grace's Favorite Things- Part 3

It's amazing how quickly things accumulate when you have a baby. We had multiple baby showers that set us up for the first several months of Grace's life, but we quickly discovered that around 6 months, babies need a whole new set of stuff. Here are our must have and favorite items of the moment:

1. Sunshine Kids Radian 80SL Convertible Carseat

Grace did not like her infant carseat. She seemed uncomfortable lying down constantly and she screamed most of the time when she was in it. She was quickly reaching the height limit for the seat so I decided it was time to move her into a big girl seat.

I did a ton of research on convertible carseats and decided upon the Sunshine Kids Radian for its safety ratings and size. It has one of the tallest shell heights on the market, meaning it can be used for extended rear facing. (The new recommendation is that children should be rear facing until the age of 2, but many carseats are short and will not last until the age of 2.)

Grace loves this car seat! She is able to look out the window and she falls asleep in it almost instantly, which she never did in the infant car seat.

2. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

I waited as long as possible before feeding solids, but at 6 months I knew it was time to start. We don't have a lot of extra space in our dining room for a large high chair, so we loved the idea of being able to set this high chair in one of our dining room chairs (we have 6 so losing one is not an inconvenience!) It is easy to install, easy to clean, and takes up very little space. We love it!

3. My Pal Violet

This is probably Grace's favorite toy.. You are able to connect Violet to your computer via a USB Cable to program her with your child's name, favorite food, color, animal and songs. She sings songs and says phrases that include all of this personal information. Grace smiles and laughs every time she hears her name and I think it's so adorable when Violet says "I love you Grace!" Her collar also lights up which helps keep Grace's attention. There is also a boy version called My Pal Scout!

4. Jumperoo

Grace loves to bounce and jump. This toy is perfect for her and is the only way I'm able to get dinner made. It lights up and plays music while she bounces and it keeps her entertained for 15-20 minutes at a time!

5. Exercauser

I was hesitant to have both a jumperoo and an exercauser at the beginning, but I am so glad we did. My parents bought this for my nieces and we were able to get it from them a few months ago and Grace loves it. It is small enough that I am able to move it throughout the house with me during the day. I love having it in the bathroom so I can take a shower while Grace plays.  She loves all of the different toys on it and loves to hit the buttons on it to make it make sounds and play music!

6. Books

Grace loves books!! She especially loves books that I will let her chew on. This is one of her favorites, it's technically a bathtime book I think, but because it's plastic, she can drool and chew on it to her heart's content. She also has a cloth book that I couldn't find a picture of that she loves because it crinkles. She loves regular books too, but she gets frustrated quickly because I don't let her chew on them.


  1. We are obsessed with Violet! I get the songs stuck in my head all the time.

  2. I want to get D a Jumparoo (or at least something similar) sooo bad. Keep hoping we can happen upon one at a garage sale somewhere. ^.^

    New follower from TAT. Looking forward to more posts. :D

  3. Caleb loves Scout! Thank you so much! He smiles when Scout starts singing and has even figured out how to turn him on by himself on occasion. The only thing I don't like is that when Scout spells Caleb's name, it sounds like "C-A-L-B-V, Caleb!"
    - Susan



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