Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deals of the Week!

Grace and I went to CVS, Target, and Walmart today and got a huge haul! Here's everything we got:

5 Freschetta by the Slice Pizzas: Target- free with coupons from Facebook
2 Pampers boxes: CVS- 18.99 - 2 $10 coupons from Pampers complaint= 17.99 + 1 ECB each
4 Cascade Action Pack Trial Size: Walmart- free with coupons
3 Fabreze Air Effects Sprays: Target- $1.50 each with coupons
Fresh Express Salad bag: Target- free with coupon from Facebook
Pantene conditioner: Target- free with coupon from Facebook
Suave dry shampoo: Target- free with coupon from Facebook
Fabreze Warmer: Target- $2.50 with a $3 off coupon= .50 overage
Fabreze Air freshener: Target- $1.50 after coupon
Neutragena Facial Cleanser Bar: Target- Free after coupons
Rimmel Eye Shadow: Target- Free after coupons
4 Degree deodarants: Walmart- Free with coupons
2 RevitaLens contact solutions: CVS- 8.99- $3 off coupon= 5.99 + 4 EBC each

My total out of  pocket came to $48.43. I got 10 ECB total and a $5 gift card from Target for buying the Fabreze items so my total was $33.43!

1 comment:

  1. you're doing great with your deals! i've thought about using more coupons, but i think i'll first need to get a little more organized... i'm also afraid my house will turn (even more) into a "warehouse" because i'd just buy stuff because it's a deal and not because i need it. i guess i could always give things away, right?



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