Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date Night

One of the many pieces of advice that I received while I was pregnant was to make sure that we set aside time for Mike and I once Grace was born. I had every intention of doing so, but time flies when you have a new baby and I can say that we've had exactly 2 dates now in the 7 months since Grace was born. We went on a date the day before Valentine's Day and she did fine while we were gone, but since then, she has been so attached to me that she screams when I have tried to leave her. Case in point, I went to get my hair done and she screamed for 3 hours straight for Mike! I was so scared to leave her with someone only to have her scream the entire time.

Several weeks ago, we got brave and decided to give going out another chance. We left her with her grandparents and rushed off to see Harry Potter (which was amazing!) We rushed home to discover that she had done great and there had been no need to rush. So we decided it was time to plan a real date, which would involve no rushing and no worrying.

This past weekend, we left her and the puppies at the grandparents house. We went for a delicious dinner at Carabba's, my favorite. That was as much as we had planned. We decided beforehand that we would simply do what we felt like and not worry about rushing or planning. So we decided to go to Lowe's. This might not sound very exciting, but one of the things that we loved doing before Grace arrived was walking around Lowe's dreaming of all of the things we would do to our house if we had infiniate amounts of money! So we spent about an hour walking around, picking out tile, fixtures, appliances, and cabinets for our dream house someday. It makes me feel old to say that we love going to the hardware store, but it's one of our favorite activities and it's free!

After that, we went home and relaxed for a while. The house felt so empty and it was so quiet with no baby or dogs there. But it was great to spend some time together without worrying about Grace fussing or the dogs needing something. We finished off the date with some ice cream from Sheridans and returned to find Grace happily watching a movie with her grandpa. It was a great night and I'm excited to start doing it more regularaly.

What are your favorite date activities? We're always looking for inexpensive date ideas!


  1. that's funny, you guys might just bump into the two of us either at lowes or home depot... ;)

    i've had this inexpensive date idea but not sure yet about the execution: dinner in the dark. could be messy :) but it sounds cool and people pay a ton of money to eat at those restaurants that offer this.

    hey, i'm going to vote for your blog on topbabyblogs (where i found you), i think your blog is very sweet!

  2. Hey!

    I love reading your blog (probably b/c of your writing style). There is a topic though that I haven’t seen covered yet (sorry if I was out of town while you posted it). But I was wondering if you could post about saving cord blood??? I’m still trying to decide if its a good idea. I’m using this site for most of my info: , I’d like to hear some real life advice though.

    At the very least I intend on donating. Just thought I’d float the idea by you for a post.




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