Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Items- Wastes of Money

There are so many things that the stores will tell you that you "must have" when you have a baby. I did a ton of research while I was pregnant to try to eliminate any unnecessary items from our registries because I only wanted the items we would actually use. However, we did end up with some things that I think were not necssary and I wish we would have spent our money on other things we actually needed. I know different things work for different babies, but here are the things we didn't end up needing:

1. Newborn Clothes- I know this is one that is fairly unique to us. Grace was a pretty large baby, and so all of the adorable newborn clothes that I had so carefully washed before she was born just sat in her closet and were never used. Wait until your child is born before you take the tags off of things!! Wash one going home outfit and then wait to see what you will actually use.

2. Baby lotion/oil/powder- We got many baby bathtime gift sets that included these items. However, most recommendations now say that these items are not necessary and can actually dry out baby's skin. We didn't use anything except head to toe baby wash and found that we had full size bottles of these extra items sitting around. I still don't know what to do with them!

3. Receiving Blankets- We got so many receiving blankets at showers and while they are cute, they were very rarely used. We got so many larger, hand made gorgeous blankets and quilts that we use that the store bought blankets got pushed to the back of the closet. Many of the receiving blankets were so small that they could not be used for very long.

4. Baby Hats- While they are cute, we very rarely put a hat on Grace after the first week (and she was born in January.) We didn't take her out of the house much, so they really weren't necessary!

5. Pacifiers- Again, this one is unique to us. We must have bought about 5 types of pacifiers only to find that Grace hates them. She never has taken one and they were a waste of money for us. I know they are a Godsend for most parents though!

Did you get things for your baby that just sat unused? What were they?


  1. Put the soaps/lotions in a cute basket and re-gift them to a pregnant friend.

    When I registered for our baby shower, I had to ask my friend what a lot of stuff was. My reaction to a lot of things, "Yeah... I'm not wasting my money on that and I don't want it in my house."

  2. The receiving blankets, I used for privacy for nursing when he was young... Now he doesn't like them.
    Some one gave me a nursing pillow (not a boppy, a nursing pillow) which was great... for about two months... After that, it was just awkward to have him on the pillow.
    I agree with you on the hats... we probably have close to a dozen hats, but he only used one or two for the first couple days (basically while we were in the hospital).



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