Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Visits- Part 1

We had a great time last week with many visitors in our house!

First, Mike's sister Ashley came into town to meet Grace. She lives in Virginia and this is her first chance to get to meet her! We were all very excited and Grace loved her! They played and had a great time, and Grace even fell asleep for her (this is a huge deal in our house.) She taught us how to make baby food and Grace got to try carrots for the first time while she was here. Her visit was too short and hopefully we'll be able to convince daddy to take us to visit her! Grace still hasn't gotten to meet her cousins on that side! Here's some pictures of her visit:

Grace loves grabbing faces!

Asleep on Aunt Ashley!

She loves giving kisses!
Dinner at Olive Garden
Baby kisses!
I had to include this one. My 2 favorite people!
 More visitors to follow in my next post!

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