Friday, July 29, 2011


We've been giving Grace solids consistently for several weeks now and sometimes it can be a challenge! Most of it still ends up on her chin or her high chair tray and she's mastered the art of spreading it all over her face. I find things in her ears, her hair, pretty much all over her body. I don't know how she manages it, but I guess she's just talented!

So far, her rankings starting with her favorites are:

Peaches- We've only tried these once but she loved them! There wasn't a drop on her bib, her tray or on her chin. She devoured them and got mad at me when I wasn't shoveling them in fast enough

Bananas- Can you tell she's a fruit girl?

Peas- By far her favorite veggie so far.

Carrots- She likes carrots but she seems to think they're more fun to smash on her tray then to eat

Chicken- We tried chicken last night and she tolerated it. She didn't eat it all but she didn't spit it out.

Green Beans- She hates them. They are the only thing she spits out every time we try them. I know I'm supposed to keep trying, but I'm about to give up on this one!

I've got sweet potatoes and apples I still need to make for her this week.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Couponing

As most of you can probably tell from my CVS posts, I am learning how to use coupons. Coupons have gained popularity lately due to the TLC show "Extreme Couponing," but some of the people on that show are crazy! They have stockpiles large enough to feed their families for years and many of them could probably be classified as hoarders. I did not start couponing to build up a large stockpile, but simply to help our family save money when I quit working.

When I set my sights on couponing, I thought that it would be easy. But I quickly learned that couponing is an art form. The best way to get deals is to match your coupons up to the sales at your local stores to get items for pennies or even for free. This can be extremely overwhelming for someone just starting out!! Luckily I found some excellent resources to help me get started!

First, I have a friend who runs a local deals site called My Kansas City Mommy. She has guides on how to coupon at each store and she also puts up the coupon matchups for CVS, Walgreens, Aldi, Target, and Dollar General. She also highlights high dollar coupons available online and often I'm able to plan my shopping trips straight from her website. I love having a local resource to use and she often has giveaways that I really want to win!!

Second, I found a great resource called The Krazy Coupon Lady. This site is run by a lady who is a master of couponing. She has a great area for beginners that helps teach you everything you need to know about how to get started (including the couponing lingo which can be quite confusing for a beginner, there are a ton of acronyms!) She also features coupon match ups, including Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and many others. She frequently posts deal scenarios to get items cheap or free. 

These are just two of the sites I used to help me get started. I decided to start off slowly and it does take some time to figure out how to put everything together. 

To get coupons, many people buy their papers on Sundays, but I discovered that it would be cheaper to subscribe to my local paper then to buy weekly editions. For $62 a year, I could get Thursday- Sunday delivery of our major Metro paper, The Kansas City Star. However, I found out that I could get my local Lees Summit journal delivered for $48 a year on Wednesdays and Fridays with a free Kansas City Star on Sundays. I decided this was the best deal for me, because all I really wanted was the Sunday paper! Well, unbeknownst to me, my Wednesday and Friday Lees Summit Journal comes with the inserts for the following Sunday paper. So for $48 a year, I am getting 3 sets of inserts a week!!

Many of the match ups that are posted require you to have a back log of coupon inserts. It can be frustrating to read about a great deal, only to find out that the coupon it requires comes from an insert 3 months ago that you don't have! Now that I've been doing this for several months, I have most of the coupons I need. 

I will never be an "extreme couponer." I won't have a huge stockpile. But I do get a sort of high when I see my total price on my shopping trip keep dropping as the coupons are scanned. It's fun to watch the cashier's face as they realize you saved more than you spent. I have learned to use coupons at CVS pretty well, but I am still learning how to use them at the grocery store. My local stores do not double coupons, which is how many extreme couponers get their great deals. I average a savings of about $15 on my grocery trips. While this originally seemed low to me, I came to the realization that any savings is better than no savings and that even saving $15 a month adds up to $180 a year! Every little bit helps!

Coupon Queen Laci: ReUsable Bag Giveaway! Starts Friday July 22nd!

I just entered to win a ReUsable Bag from Coupon Queen Laci!

Coupon Queen Laci: ReUsable Bag Giveaway! Starts Friday July 22nd!

Monday, July 25, 2011

CVS Couponing July 25th

Now that I'm finally starting to get a stockpile of coupons from previous weeks, I've been able to plans my couponing trips more efficiently. I don't ever plan to buy things that we will not use, so I don't always get everything that the couponing sites recommend. But I had a pretty successful trip today so here's my summary!

2 Edge Shave Gels- on sale for 2.19 + 2 $.55 off coupons
1 Crest Toothpaste on sale for 2.99 + $.75 off coupon
3 Kleenex Boxes on sale for .88 + $.50 off 3 coupon
1 bag of 10 Papapmate pens for 1.99
1 bottle of Palmolive dish saop for .99 + $.25 off coupon
2 sets of Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razors (3 razors in each) for 10.99 + Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon
1 Herbal Essences Hairspray for 2.49 + 3.00 off coupon
1 Herbal Essences Shampoo for 2.48 + 1.00 off coupon

I also had $3 worth of Extra Care Bucks from last weeks trip and a 25% off my entire purchase coupon, so my total came to 15.04 with tax. I saved a total of 37.45!

On top of the coupon savings, I received 13.99 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) for my next purchase. Here's how I got those.

Papermate Pens- 1.99 ECBs
Crest Toothpaste- 2.00 ECBs
For buying $20 worth of Schick products- 10.00 EBCs

So my total cost for today's purchases: $1.05! Close to a 98% savings!

I got a raincheck for a Renu Contact Solution deal that will actually give me a 2 cent profit and 3 Softsoft hand soaps for free. I didn't make it there fast enough! So I will get those for the sale price next week.

How did you do on your shopping trips this week?

Favorite Books Monday- Goodnight Moon

We really wanted to start Grace on a good bedtime routine and one of the things I wanted to do was find a book that we could read to her almost every night. I turned to an obvious classic, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. This is the sweetest book with simple words and pictures. I think it's very calming and I haven't gotten sick of reading it to her every night, which is saying something! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleep (or lack thereof)

"Is she sleeping through the night?'

This question must be asked about a million times to new parents. And most of the time, we just smiled and said "eh, not quite." Because realistically, most of these people do not want to know the real story. But I thought I'd share it here because the thing that finally worked for us was something I said I'd never do as a parent!

For the first 3 months of her life, Grace slept through the night every night. It was wonderful. I would often have to wake her in the morning to eat because I needed her to eat for my sake (any breastfeeding mom understands this!) But since then, her sleeping record has been less than stellar. She refused to let anyone but me put her to bed at night. She started waking up twice a night to eat, and then 3 times and so on and so on. By last week, she was up every hour to two hours needing comfort or food. I have read all sorts of things about how to get your child to sleep through the night and tried everything I could think of. I tried twilight feedings, putting her down drowsy, letting her fall asleep on me, but nothing worked. She is not a great napper either, she prefers to sleep in her swing (which she is almost too big for) or in my arms. I will admit that this is my fault as I didn't break the habit early, but she is an extremely light sleeper and wakes up almost immediately when being moved. This makes it nearly impossible to move her to her crib to put her down.

After a lot of research, I decided to try the Ferber method. This basically entails putting your child in their crib drowsy, but awake. You tell them goodnight and leave the room. Then, when they being to cry, you go in to comfort them without picking them up from the crib at set increments of time, so after 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. This method didn't seem as harsh to me as other cry it out methods and I've talked to many people who have been successful with it. We tried it for several nights and were frustrated with the results. Instead of being comforted, my going in seemed to make her angrier. She wanted to nurse to go to sleep or suck on my finger to go to sleep, and when I wouldn't give her that, she would get mad (she's got her daddy's temper!!) Even with the Ferber method, she was waking up multiple times at night and both she and I were getting extremely exhausted.

I always told myself that I would never be one of those parents who let their kids just cry it out. I thought it was mean and I've been told that it can cause psychological damage. But, one of the first things I learned as a parent is that what works with one child might not work with another and that you need to do what is best for your family no matter what anyone else says (as long as it is safe for everyone and is legal of course!) So at 4 in the morning one day last week after Grace had been up 6 times since 9 PM, I gave up and just let her cry. I laid in bed and cried and Mike comforted me. I felt like a horrible parent and I knew she just was going to hate me. But then, after 45 minutes, she fell asleep and didn't wake up again until 8 AM. I went in to get her and she gave me a huge smile. And the next night, I put her down drowsy, but awake and after 5 minutes of crying and 10 minutes of talking to herself, she was out again and she slept all night!! We have been doing this every night now and have either had a full 8 hours of sleep or one nighttime wake up to eat, which I'm extremely happy with! We just started doing this for naptimes as well and she just fell asleep by herself after only 10 minutes while I was writing this post. The funny part is that she actually only cries for a few minutes each time, she spends most of the time talking to herself.

So new parents, never say never : ) I know many people will judge me for this post and think I am hurting my child by letting her cry, but seriously the best thing for us is to sleep. It is not healthy for either one of us to be as exhausted as we were. And we are both happier now, although I'm still recovering from 3 months of sleep deprivation! Which is why I'm going to go take a nap now....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays- Cutting Services

When Mike and I decided that I would become a stay at home mom, I knew that we would have to start doing some things to cut costs. Almost immedietly, I started researching ways to save money and I came across many things that helped make the transition easier for us. I thought I'd start a regular post to share some of the things that we've been doing to help us save. I am by no means an expert, but every little bit helps.

Our first step to saving money was to cancel our cable and home phone service. This may seem drastic to some people who find their DVR a necessity, but when we examined the amount of time we actually spent watching TV, it really wasn't a great value add for us. We spent a lot of time flipping channels and there were a ton of channels we never actually watched. Cable was close to $60, which seemed like a lot for something we rarely used. Also, we decided we no longer needed our home phone. We actually got more wrong number calls then calls for us. Plus, we were getting bombarded with collection calls for people who had used our number previously. The final straw was when we started getting collection calls in the middle of the night! The home phone was close to $20, so by cutting both of these services, we are saving close to $80 a month.

After cancelling our cable service, we decided to subscribe to Netflix. We have a plan for 2 DVDs at a time with unlimited streaming that costs about $16 a month (this price is about to go up and we might reevaluate our plan type when it does) that works very well for us. We are able to get the new movies we want to see quickly and there are a ton of TV series that I have been able to stream including favorites of mine including Pawn Stars and Say Yes to the Dress! Also, I frequently use Hulu to watch current TV series and find that the majority of what I watched before on cable is available to watch for free the day after it airs. The only network I really miss is TLC, who for some reason refuses to air their shows free online.

As for phone service, we both have cell phones with a ton of minutes that we never seem to use all of. We also decided to get a free Google Voice number that we can give to people who we don't want having our cell numbers. This number gives up the option to forward calls to our cell phones and also has a great voice mail feature. It pretty much does the job of a home phone for us.

With the availability of Netflix, Hulu and Google Voice, I just can't imagine paying $80 a month for home phone and TV service. Have you cut out cable? Do you have a home phone? What are some of your favorite cost cutting tips?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 Month Appointment

We went to Grace's 6 month pediatrician appointment today and I was shocked to see her statistics. I knew she was big, but wow!

Height: 27 1/2 inches~ 95th percentile
Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz~ 97th percentile
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 inches~ 90th percentile

Her doctor was happy with how strong she is and says she should be moving very soon. He thinks she'll be able to sit up from laying down any time now since she's been doing her "crunches" constantly! She didn't like her shots at all and I'm hoping she doesn't get a fever. She crashed as soon as we got in the car and she's been sleeping since we got home.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Last night I went to my first La Leche League Group meeting. This may sound odd as Grace is already 6 months old and we have been successfully breastfeeding for 6 months, but I figured it would be a good way to meet other moms. This is the second breastfeeding support group I have tried, and I have come to the conclusion that I am not extreme enough for either one of these groups. Many of the moms I have encountered in these groups are into natural childbirth, are addicted to cloth diapering (ie they spend more money on it then they ever would on disposables,) and are opposed to vaccinations. Many seem to look down on C-sections moms and preach that any problem can be solved by breastfeeding.

I have breastfed Grace for 6 months now, I am extremely proud of this as I believe that it is the best thing for both me and for Grace. I also cloth diaper and make my own baby food, but this is mostly because doing both has saved us a ton of money. However, I am extremely pro-vaccine. I have nothing against epidurals, and Grace was supplemented with formula in the hospital. I don't feel comfortable sitting and listening to women talking down about formula feeding, vaccinating, or medicated childbirth.

I distinctly remember sitting in the hospital NICU crying because the pediatrician told me I needed to give Grace formula because she was getting dehydrated and losing too much weight. She had an infection and needed to stay hydrated to help fight it. I felt like I had already failed her as a mother at 3 days old. Luckily I had people around me to tell me that I hadn't failed, I was being a great mother because I was doing what she needed to be healthy. Breastfeeding was not enough for her at the time. Formula did not hurt her. I continued breastfeeding and within days we were able to stop formula. When I got appendicitis, she again had to be fed formula because I did not have enough milk pumped to feed her the night that I was in the hospital. And again, she was not hurt by the formula.

One of my memories of childbirth was when my nurse asked me if I was interested in any kind of pain relief. When I quickly answered, "yes, I want an epidural!" She laughed and said she was worried I was one of "those natural patients." When I asked what that meant, she explained that the midwife in my OBs practice had scheduled my induction (the midwife was the easiest one to get an appointment with so I saw her a lot and she just so happened to be the one I saw when I scheduled my induction) so they figured I was her patient. Then they saw my mom walk in with my exercise ball (which was so comfortable to sit on during pregnancy as I had major tailbone pain.) She said many of the natural mothers were harder to deal with and she never understood why they seemed to look down on everyone else so much. Disclaimer: I have nothing against natural childbirth, I am all for it if that is your choice!

I guess the point of this rant is that I don't understand why women seem to look down upon other women for the parenting choices they make. No one gets a medal for giving birth naturally or for breastfeeding until their child is 1. It is your personal choice and you should not feel bad about it. So many books and groups try to tell you that their way is best, but realistically, every baby and every mom is different. No one should try to make you feel bad about your decisions for your baby. I do not regret my C-section, formula feeding, or letting Grace occasionally cry it out (more on that in a later post.) I will do what's best for her and continue to try to find people with a parenting style more like my own.

6 Month Pictures

I have been fighting with the DMV today. I spent 3 hours running all over town trying to get what they needed to renew some tags and I finally got it done. So now I'm laying on the couch, exhausted from the 100 degree heat in Kansas City, but I thought I needed to share some of the adorable pictures we got from Grace's 6 month shoot on Saturday. She was in a great mood and we had a lot of fun!

I love this so much!

My favorite family photo!

I love that they caught her looking at me!

My precious baby

Favorite Books Monday- Baby Touch and Feel Animals

Grace is fascinated by textures right now. She loves to feel everything (of course, most things end up in her mouth) and I know she's learning so quickly! I love board books because they hold up through her trying to chew on them and her "turning the pages." We love the Baby Touch and Feel series because of the fun pictures and neat textures that it exposes baby to. Grace's favorite is the Animals book. She loves looking at the animals (especially the penguin) and she always touches every page.

DK is probably my favorite kids book publisher and I'm sure more of their books will be featured here : ) When I worked at the library, I would almost always buy any DK book that came through because they have such great illustrations and wonderful information for the older kids!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

6 Months Old

Baby Girl,

I can't believe that you are 6 months old today. Time has passed by so quickly and it's hard to remember life without you. You have such a big personality and you are so smart! I see you every day absorbing the things around you and trying to figure the world out. Everyone always comments on how bright eyed and alert you are!

It's getting harder and harder to take pictures of you because you are constantly trying to move around.
I don't know your weight and height stats yet, your doctor's appointment isn't until Tuesday, but I have a feeling he's going to tell us your big for your age! You are tall, which you must have gotten from daddy's side of the family. Because you are such a big girl, we decided to move up to your convertible car seat this month. You were sick of your infant car seat anyway, you want to sit up all of the time so you love your new big girl car seat. You look out the window when we drive and talk to the puppies when they are in the car with us.

You love to eat and mommy is extremely proud of the fact that we are still going strong with breastfeeding at 6 months! This is a major accomplishment. We have tried a few different solids, including rice cereal and carrots, but more of it ends up on your chin than in your mouth. Mommy is making all of your food and we have peas and green beans in the freezer to try soon. You tasted watermelon at Grandma Barb's house and loved it so we tried watermelon in a mesh teether and you went crazy. You yelled at me when I tried to take it away  : )

Here's some more things about you we've noticed this month:
  • You love to laugh. Your laugh is infectious and adorable!
  •  You always want to move. Your newest thing is bouncing up and down when someone is holding you.
  • You blow raspberries constantly and have started sucking on your lip.
  •  You have two bottom teeth (that you won't let me take a picture of) that you like to bite mommy's finger with. Mommy thinks you might have another one coming in, but it's taking its time.
  • You are fascinated with buttons and keys, most specifically the laptop keyboard. You really want to type and have been known to type messages to your favorite people.
  • You still love the puppies and have been constantly trying to grab them as they walk by. You love to watch them play and run around the yard.
  • You are trying to figure out how to crawl. You can get your knees under you and your arms extended, but you can't figure out how to coordinate everything yet. After a few minutes of this you get mad and start to cry.
  • You love the pool! You splash and kick and have learned that if you splash your arms, you get Mommy all wet.
  •  You are not sleeping very well, we think it's because you're teething. Mommy is quite tired from getting up with you several times a night!
  • You love the sound of your own voice and love to make screeching noises. You also growl when you play with certain toys.  

We love you so much baby girl and we can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring.

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Puppy Edition

Our dogs will forever be our first babies....

Doc and our friend's dog Bo Jingles protecting Grace while she slept!

Buddy enjoying my Boppy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cloth Diapering

I've had several people ask me about our decision to use cloth diapers. It is not the "norm" but it is definitely becoming more popular. And with our circumstances, me quitting my job to become a stay at home mom, it seemed like a no brainer for us.

When I got pregnant, I had no desire to use cloth diapers. The entire concept seemed gross to me and the only exposure I had with them was with the kind of diapers our parents used, prefolds with pins to be exact. I had no interest in having to fold diapers or risk sticking myself or Grace! However, after a bit of research and discussion with my sister in law, I discovered a whole new world of diapers that are just as easy to use as disposables! My sister in law cloth diapered both of her girls and graciously offered to let us use her stash of 24 BumGenius 3.0 Pocket One Sizes. For those of you not familiar with cloth diapers, these diapers have a pocket in the back that you can stick an insert into to help collect the moisture and they simply velcro shut just like a disposable diaper. An extra benefit of these is that they have snaps on the front that allow you to adjust the size of the diaper as your child grows. Now that I am a stay at home mom, I look for any opportunity to save money and it was obvious that using cloth diapers would save us a ton!

Most people that I told about our plans to use these diapers were surprised. I had several people tell me that there was no way I'd actually follow through with it. Most people still think of the old style of diapers and are amazed when I show them how easy these are to use. We don't have any more leaks then we did when Grace was wearing disposables and these are so much cheaper! *I do know that we were very lucky to have all of our stash provided to us for free- but even had we had to buy them, the fact that you can use them for multiple children would still have made them more economical than disposables for us.*

I do have do to more laundry! I wash diapers every other day and when breastfeeding, it is extremely easy because everything can be put straight into the washer. Now that Grace is starting on solids, I need to make Mike install a diaper sprayer! Anyway, I use Rockin Green- Hard Rock Cloth Diaper Detergent to wash them and it has taken some trial and error to find the best washing method but I think I've finally figured it out. We have a front loading washer which was designed to use as little water as possible. When washing diapers, you need as much water as possible to get them clean. So here is my washing cycle: Soak, Wash on cold, Wash on hot with 3 scoops of detergent with an extra rinse, and then Rinse/Spin. I then put them in the dryer or if it's nice out, I line dry them. This may seem like a lot, but I've gotten in the habit of doing it so I don't even think about it any more.

Another benefit of cloth diapers, babies look very cute in them : ) Here's Grace sporting one of her BumGenius diapers.
I had forgotten her belly button was that big! She had an umbilical hernia that has since closed up.

Cloth diapers can be intimidating at first, but they are easy to use, I promise! They have been a great choice for us. Please let me know if you have any questions about them!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time for Myself

That title may seem a bit selfish but as any new mom knows, sometimes getting time to myself can be quite difficult. Grace is so used to me being around all of the time and she can get pretty grumpy when I try to leave.

For example, this weekend I decided to go get my hair done for the first time since I was 7 months pregnant. So it's been about 8 months and my hair was looking rather drab. I was able to get a great Groupon to a local fancy salon and I warned Mike that it might take a while! I got highlights and a new cut and in total it took about 3 hours. Grace screamed the entire time I was gone. I felt bad, but I couldn't exactly leave in the middle of my appointment! I came home to find Mike asleep on the bed with Grace fast asleep on his chest. I wish I had gotten a picture. Anyway, I'm happy with my new look and it was nice to have some "me" time. Here's my before and after pictures:

Now, Grace is asleep and I'm watching "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth. I think getting time to yourself as a mom is extremely important and I'm hoping to get more in the near future! What do you like to do during your "me" time?

Favorite Books Monday- Eric Carle

Grace loves books with bright colors and all of Eric Carle's books are very popular in our house. The very first book that she ever smiled at was "The Hungry Very Caterpillar." Carle's books are short, easy to read and the illustrations are so much fun!

His books are still popular with my 4 year old niece so I'm sure we'll be adding more to our collection!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Couponing- CVS Trip of the week

This was my CVS haul for the week. My total out of pocket was $8.00 with $3 of Extra Care Bucks (ECB) to spend next week.

My first transaction:
Pulsar Toothbrush- 5.99- $2 off coupon=  3.99 + 3 EBC
Always Pads- 3.99- $1 off coupon= 2.99 + 2 ECB
Hersheys Air Delight Bar- 1.00- $1 off coupon= Free

Total=  6.98 + 5 ECB

2nd Transaction:
Starbursts- 2.50- $2 off coupon= .50
3 bottles of coke for .69 each= 2.07

Total= 2.57- 2 EBC from the previous transation= .57

I was hoping to get one more toothbrush, but I couldn't find another coupon....Not too bad for about 5 minutes of planning and 10 minutes of shopping!

Favorite Books Monday- Baby Bargains

I know, I's actually Tuesday, but yesterday was a national holiday so I have a good excuse! We had a good 4th of July with friends and family, but it's back to normal today.

Our book for today is one of my favorite's from pregnancy and I think every new mom should have it. It's called Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields.

When I got pregnant, I excitedly started researching all of the things that we "needed" for Grace. I quickly got overwhelmed. Baby stores will give you lists 10 pages long of all the things that you absolutely "need." Websites will try to sell you expensive bedding, bottles, and all sorts of other things you've probably never heard of. I had no idea what the difference was between an infant carseat and a convertable carseat. I couldn't have told you what kind of breast pumps there are and don't even get me started on baby bedding. Why they sell sets that cost hundreds of dollars when you can't even use the bumper and the quilt is beyond me.

Luckily, I found the book Baby Bargains at the library and I read the whole thing in a matter of days. It was by far the easiest baby gear book to read. The others read more like a Consumer Reports Guide (which are helpful for research purposes, but not for basic understanding.) It explains baby gear, what each item is, how you use it and whether you really need it. I took many of their recommendations for gear, including Grace's bathtub, high chair, and car seat and we love them all. This is a must have book for new moms!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Visits- Part 1

We had a great time last week with many visitors in our house!

First, Mike's sister Ashley came into town to meet Grace. She lives in Virginia and this is her first chance to get to meet her! We were all very excited and Grace loved her! They played and had a great time, and Grace even fell asleep for her (this is a huge deal in our house.) She taught us how to make baby food and Grace got to try carrots for the first time while she was here. Her visit was too short and hopefully we'll be able to convince daddy to take us to visit her! Grace still hasn't gotten to meet her cousins on that side! Here's some pictures of her visit:

Grace loves grabbing faces!

Asleep on Aunt Ashley!

She loves giving kisses!
Dinner at Olive Garden
Baby kisses!
I had to include this one. My 2 favorite people!
 More visitors to follow in my next post!


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