Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Reading Program

As a librarian (yes, I actually have my Masters in Library Science) I am obviously a huge advocate of reading to your children. I have been reading to Grace since we got home from the hospital and she has quite the large collection of books! At one of my baby showers, instead of cards, people were asked to bring their favorite children's book and write a note to Grace in the front. This was one of the coolest things I've seen at a shower. I'm not a "saver" and cards get thrown away in our house, but the books will be kept for years and Grace can read the notes that people wrote to her.

At least once a week, we make a trip to our local library. I visit old coworkers and get my holds, generally new movies and books, but this last week we got to do something very exciting...we got Grace's first Summer Reading Program prize. At our library, parents can read 24 books to their children and the child gets a free book. They can do this 3 times. Grace and I read a couple of books in the morning and one before bed and we worked our way through our first set of books very quickly! I was so excited to get her certificate and pick out her first free book. She was excited too obviously!

Most library systems around the country offer some sort of Summer Reading Program, so check yours out! I hope to start using this blog to start sharing some of our favorite books!


  1. we are heading to infant storytime tomorrow--although Elle's fascination with books is now just chewing on the pages!

  2. So fun! Eva picked up her first SRP prize book on Monday night.

  3. This is awesome! I should check my library to see if I could do a reading program with my Little One. I WISH someone had that idea for my baby shower! Children's books would be so much better than cards! (No offense to everyone who got me lovely cards - but you're right, books last a whole lot longer)

    I'm an Elementary Education major with a minor in English Language and Literature so I can relate about the importance of reading to babies & children!!!



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