Monday, May 2, 2011

Shopping Weekend!

Grace has officially outgrown all of her 0-3 month clothes and with the cloth diapers, 3-6 month stuff is a bit tight. So I inventoried all of her clothes and decided some new stuff was in order. Lucky for me, I found a gift card to JCPenney's that I forgot I had and I won a $20 gift card to a local consignment sale. So this weekend was spent shopping!

On Friday, we went to JCPenney's where they were having a huge baby sale. I found a $10 off of $25 coupon and I had a $25 gift card from a baby shower, so we got a great deal!!

This is everything we got!

5 onsies, one romper, one sundress, one outfit set, and one pair of denim romper shorts all for $5.40 after our gift card. I think I did pretty well : )

Then on Saturday, we went to the Kids Closet Connection Consignment Sale in Blue Springs. I had entered a contest on Facebook and ended up winning $10 to the vendors and $10 to the sale. Saturday was also half price day at the sale.

Here's my loot from that sale!

Calvin Klein Jeans, Old Navy shirt, romper, sundress and two flowers for headbands all for $19.66 (so free for me!!)

We had a successful shopping weekend! Here's Grace modeling one of her new flowers:

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  1. Cute stuff! Eva has a few of those outfits that you got from JC Penney's!



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