Monday, May 23, 2011

A long week

Grace had a hard time with her shots last week and our schedule got totally thrown off! She had a fever for two days and barely slept for 3 nights. With Mike working full time, I have night duty every night so Grace and I were both very very tired. It was a long week with a fussy baby. I feel so helpless when she feels like that, I just want to fix it but the only thing I can do is hold her while she cries. We really didn't do much at all but by Friday we were exhausted!

Friday night my parents came in to town for my cousin's med school graduation and we went to her party on Saturday. We got to meet Grace's new second cousin, Caleb. He's 11 weeks old and Grace was fascinated with him!

So adorable!
She kept trying to grab at his shoulder. Of course she's huge compared to him! I held him and couldn't believe how much heavier she is. I certainly get my work out carrying her around all day. Grace got passed around by all of the family and she did great for about an hour. Then she broke down and wouldn't stop crying. She was still exhausted and just wanted to go home. After we got home she napped for a long time. She's definitely a homebody who loves her routine. When it gets messed up she gets mad. I don't blame her : )

Overall it was a good weekend but it's nice to be home today getting our schedule back to normal. Grace is sleeping peacefully in her swing. Hopefully this week will be better!

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