Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dogs and Baby

There's a ton of information out there on getting your dogs ready for your baby. I read conflicting opinions....some stated not to let your dogs in the nursery, to keep them away from the baby items to teach them respect. Others advocate full access so that they are prepared. Most recommend bringing something home early with the baby's smell on it. We chose to give our dogs, Buddy and Doc, full access to the nursery. We let them smell all of the new baby items coming into the house, and when Grace was born, Mike brought home a blanket that smelled like her to get them used to her smell.

We knew that we've trained our dogs well. I know this is the not the end all be all of their activity around the baby and I would never leave them totally alone with her, but I trust them around her.

This is the first day that we came home from the hospital! We literally walked in the door, sat down and then took this picture. We kept them at a careful distance, but let them sniff her and check her out.

Within several minutes, we wanted to take some pictures in front of window (it snowed about a foot that day!) and this is one of the pics we ended up getting. While Mike and I did pose, the dogs did this totally on their own! 

Since that day, they have gotten used to her being around. They notice her, but the crying doesn't bother them and their barking doesn't bother her. She's just now getting to the point of noticing them playing and she likes to watch them. Buddy likes to snuggle up next to her when I put her on the floor for tummy time and Doc has always come to check on her when we're in another room. He'll put his nose right up to hers and then just walk away. This is amazing considering he licks everyone, but he doesn't lick her face like I expected him to!

They also like to sit next to me when I nurse. I call them my little lions because they sit on either side of my glider every time. I think they're protecting me and Grace : )

Here's a picture we took this past weekend of Grace and the dogs

I have a feeling that they're going to best friends growing up. Buddy and Doc don't get nearly as much attention as they used to and I feel bad for ignoring them, but they love it when people come to visit and I think they understand that Grace is important : ) They've been such good dogs through all of this and I can't imagine life without them!


  1. Grace is such a cutie! I'm glad your pups do so well with her!

  2. I totally think dogs understand when things or people are important to us! She'll love having those dogs to snuggle as she gets older.

  3. Adorable baby, looks like a happy baby and family.

  4. Visiting from last week's Toddle Along Tuesday (there isn't one this week)! Following you :)




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