Friday, April 29, 2011

Grace's favorite things!

So at 3 and a half months, we've had a chance to try out lots of different baby's amazing to me how much stuff a baby "needs." We had 3 different showers and 2 registries and her nursery is full of stuff. Some of which we've loved, some that we think is a complete waste. I wanted to share more of our must haves that we love.

1. The Kodak Playsport Video Camera- We really wanted to get a video camera when Grace was born, but we didn't want to spend a lot of money. We looked at the Flip cameras, they seem to be very trendy right now, but didn't like how expensive they were. After reading a lot of reviews, we decided on the Kodak Playsport. The video quality seems better then the flip, it's easy to use, and it's waterproof up to 10 ft. This feature really attracted us because we want to spend a lot of time in the pool this summer! It's been so nice to have and the software it comes with will even upload the video to facebook for you. It's not a fancy video camera, but it works for me. I love just being able to grab it and take a short video when Grace is doing something cute!

2.  The Sleep Sheep- What would we do without the sleep sheep? This wonderful thing has 4 different white noise settings (Ocean, Rain, Stream, and Whales) that can be played on either a 25 or 45 minute timer. Grace is notorious for waking up right after I lay her down, but if I turn on the sleep sheep and leave it for 45 minutes, she stays asleep. It's magic! Her favorite is the Stream setting.

3. Sophie- Anyone who has young kids knows what Sophie is, but if you don't, Sophie is the most popular baby toy at the moment. It's a teething toy that really reminds me of a dog toy but babies go crazy for it! My child who refuses a pacifier or anything plastic in her mouth grins like crazy when she sees Sophie and goes to town chewing on it. I don't know what they put in it but she loves it. And the paint on it is food grade so it is totally safe for her to chew on!

4. Bibs- When we got small bibs at showers, I thought they would go to waste because they weren't big enough to catch food when she starts eating solids. I have since learned that these are teething bibs and are completely necessary!! She drools....all of the time. If I tried to wipe all the drool off of her face all day, I would have no time to do anything else. So I stick a bib on her and let her chew on her toys and I don't have to worry about spit getting all over her clothes. Gross, but true : ) 

5. Lion- This vibrating lion toy is probably her favorite. You pull the string and it vibrates, which Grace finds absolutely hilarious. She's still not sure about most toys yet, but she thinks this one is pretty great. 

6. Gripe Water- Grace gets the hiccups all the time, at least once to twice a day. Gripe water is a magic substance, I give her just a few drops and the hiccups are gone. This is amazing due to the fact that hiccups make Grace quite mad if she has them for more then a minute or so. 

7. Cloth Diapers-  I will be the first to admit that I was hesitant about cloth diapers. I knew they were economical, but really, washing poop out of a diaper? Couldn't I just use the disposals and throw it away? Luckily, my Sister-in-law gave us 20 some of her cloth diapers that she had used for both of her kids to let us try. They are BumGenius pocket diapers and basically look very similar to a disposal. They have snaps on the front that allow us to modify the size as Grace grows and Velcro to keep the diaper closed. There is an insert that you put in the diaper before putting it on and that you remove before putting the diaper in the wash. They really are simple to use and although they have added to my laundry time, it's only one extra load every other day. They are saving us a ton of money and while I still think it's a bit gross, I'm getting used to it :)

8. PRIMO EuroBath- This is the monster of all baby bathtubs. It's huge but it doesn't have any fancy accessories. I registered for it after reading the great reviews on it in the Baby Bargains book. Grace loves it. It's big enough that she can splash around in and the ridge in the center holds her steady so that I don't worry about her getting dunked in the water. She loves bath time in this tub. We tried a different, smaller tub at my parents house and it wasn't big enough for her to splash in and she got mad pretty quick!

9. Ergo- Finally, my favorite baby purchase every, the Ergo. I got the Ergo Performance in the gray color so that Mike could use it too. The Ergo is famous for being the best carrier for both the baby's and the parent's back. Grace is nearing 16 pounds and I can comfortably carry her in this for long periods of time. It's easy to get on and off, unlike the Moby wrap. I keep my Ergo in the car so that I can wear her for shopping trips and quick errands. She doesn't like the car seat, so the Ergo makes errands much easier for us. It was expensive, but it has been so worth it!

Next week I'll post what I think was a waste for us. We don't have any exciting plans this weekend, just relaxing and hopefully enjoying the nice weather!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Well our Wichita trip was successful....mostly.

She did great on the way down there. Mike was able to get off of work early so we were able to leave at about 4 pm. I fed her right before we left and she slept for the first two hours. The last hour I played and talked to her in the back seat and she was content. We were all happy to get there and luckily there was very little traffic so our trip was fast!

On Saturday, Grace got to meet her cousins Emma and Haley for the very first time!

She loved "playing" on the floor with the big girls. She watched them play and talked to them for quite a while!

Emma got to hold her and really really liked it. I think she liked that she was big enough to do it and Haley wasn't : )

On Sunday, we got all dolled up for Easter and went to church. Grace looked absolutely adorable of course!
Then we went to my grandparents house for lunch. The big girls hunted for Easter eggs and we attempted to get a family photo. This is the best one we got : )

We finally started back to KC about 6 PM and Grace was not happy. She slept for the 1st hour but then she woke up screaming.  We stopped for 20 minutes and tried feeding her, burping her, changing her diaper, playing with her...nothing worked. So finally we decided to just put her back in the carseat and eventually we figured she would fall asleep. Well, after an hour and a half of ear splitting screaming, she did eventually fall asleep. It was a long trip and I think we'll wait a while before doing it again. On the plus side, she slept til 8:30 this morning. I woke her up to eat and then she went back down again until 10:30. Mommy actually got to sleep in!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. It's storming outside so Grace and I are going to stay snuggled up inside today!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Grace is sleeping on me, so I'm going to blog one handed. She is now 3 months old and is getting so big!!
I took her to get pictures done yesterday and this is one of my favorites. She can now roll over from tummy to back and she spends a large part of her day "talking."

She can grab at toys and she loves bath time!! She splashes and plays and gets quite mad when I take her out : ) We are so in love with her and I am so amazed at how much she's changed in just 3 short months.

In other news, I officially quit my job and am now a stay at home mom. I loved my job and the library system I worked for, but I can't imagine leaving Grace. She is a fairly high maintenance baby! She won't take a pacifier, she just wants to suck on my finger and she really would prefer to just be held all day. She has taken to fussing whenever I try to put her in her swing or bouncer and as soon as I walk towards her, she gives me a huge grin. She knows exactly what she's doing : ) So I will miss my job and especially the people I worked with, but I am happy with my decision! I just need to make some other mom friends so we can start having playdates!

We are heading to my parent's house for Easter and I am so excited to introduce Grace to everyone. She will meet 2  of her cousins and her great grandma! It's a 3 hour drive, but I'm hoping she'll sleep most of the way. She doesn't love her carseat so it might be an interesting trip!!

I'm going to post our baby must haves next week. I'm hoping if I give myself topics to post on and time deadlines, I'll actually do it! I'm a horrible blogger....


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