Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So hopefully I'll be a better blogger now that Grace has arrived!! We love her so much and she is the most amazing thing ever!

Here's her birth story:

She was due January 7th and by my appointment on Thursday January 13th, I was begging for an induction. I was so uncomfortable! She scheduled me for induction that next morning.

I went in at 6 AM and was started on pitocin by 7:30 (I was already 2 cm dilated by this point.) I relaxed until about 11, feeling slight cramping but nothing else. Grace's heartbeat dropped several times so they kept having me change sides and wouldn't let me lie on my back, but they didn't seem too concerned. They kept increasing the pitocin and by noon, the OB came and broke my water. This is the weirdest feeling in the world by the way! That's when contractions really started picking up and I was begging for an epidural. I was 4 cm and the OB recommended waiting for another hour to let me get to 5 or 6. I did and although the contractions were painful, they felt like bad period cramps and were manageable.

This is where my story starts veering from the normal induction experience. When my OB came in and broke my water at noon, he said that he expected me to have her by 6 or 7 that night. I was able to take a nap after getting the epidural and quickly progressed from 5 cm to 9 cm by 5 PM. At 9 cm, they had me do a couple of practice pushes and discovered that my epi was working too well. I literally had absolutely no feeling from my hips down. I couldn't push effectively because I couldn't feel anything! Normally you're supposed to at least feel pressure I guess. So they had the nurse anesthesiologist reduce my epi and said we would try practice pushes again around 6...

By 6 pm, my epi had worn off completely. I was in pain. A lot of pain. They came and checked me again and said I was at 9.5 cm and there was a small ridge that should go away soon and I would have her anytime. They tried upping my epi to help the pain go away, but we soon discovered that either I felt nothing or I felt everything, there was no in between. Unfortanetly for me this meant that I needed to feel everything so that I would be able to push.

And that's where I stayed for the next 3 hours........every 20 minutes or so they would come and check me and tell me that I was still at 9.5 cm, the ridge wouldn't go away......also during this time they kept having me change sides and lay in weird positions because they discovered that she was facing my thigh instead of facing down, so they wanted her to turn. By 9 pm, I was begging to be checked every few minutes because I had been feeling the very painful urge to push for about 2 hours, not pushing was the hardest thing I've ever done....the ridge was still there, she was still facing the wrong way and the last time that the nurse checked me and left the room to talk to the doctor, I told Mike that I wanted a c-section. I had been totally against it before, but at that point, I was sick of the pain and just wanted to have my baby!

The OB came in to discuss our options and said that while he would be fine if we wanted to keep trying for a vaginal delivery, he was concerned about her positioning and that I would be in pain all night and then we would have to do an emergency section anyway. I agreed to the surgery right away and within 25 minutes I had my baby. And for me, the c-section was a blessing in disguise. The OB found 6 cysts on my ovaries during the surgery and was able to remove them. He diagnosed me with PCOS on the spot. So basically I had two major abdominal surgeries at one time. Who knows how long I would have gone undiagnosed had we not done the section.

Overall, I know a lot of women regret the decision to get a c-section or are mad at themselves for not being able to deliver "naturally," but honestly, I got my healthy, happy baby and I was able to enjoy being with her instead of being exhausted from a multiple day labor.

I can't believe we made her....she's the most beautiful, amazing thing in the world! She was born at 9:25 PM weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces (that's a big baby in our family!) and she was 20 1/2 inches long. I don't know how she fit in my belly as I'm only 5'2!

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  1. Your birth story is so similar to mine! Im glad all is well and you have a beautiful healthy baby!
    C sections are not that bad like people make us believe!



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