Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Things

I love reading everyone else's favorite things posts, so here's ours!

1.  The Boppy

We love our boppy! She sleeps in it during the day and I use it to feed her. It comes from room to room with me during the day.

2. Halo Swaddlesacks

These are our lifesavers. We use them every night. Our room gets pretty cold at night and she startles herself awake if she's not swaddled. These are easy to take on and off and she seems to be really comfortable in them!

3. Mylicon

We use these almost every night to help her tummy. These are our miracle drugs!

4. Graco Pack N' Play

Grace sleeps in the Pack N' Play in our room every night. We use the diaper changing station for pretty much all of her diaper changes. It has a couple of small areas on the diaper changer to hold rash cream, extra diapers, etc. We love it!

5. Infant gowns

These are wonderful at night for quick changes. We use them under the sleep sacks. When you're tired and trying to hurry through a diaper change, pulling up a gown is so much easier than trying to deal with zippers or snaps.

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