Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a horrible blogger....already. Wow.

Well, some major things have happened since my last post : ) We found out that our little one is a girl!! We had all been thinking boy so this was pretty surprising. Mike and I had picked out the name Grace several weeks before our big ultrasound, so her name will be Grace Elaine. She was moving around like crazy for the first 20 minutes of the ultrasound. She showed the tech everything right away so thhe tech had no doubts about the gender, it just took a while to get her to calm down enough to show us. After about 20 minutes, she went to sleep, got the hiccups and would not move. The tech kept trying to jiggle my stomach, but Grace decided that she was done showing off! Our due date got moved up 3 days, so I'm now due January 7th. Here's our little girl:

We're so excited for her to be here. Mike has been hard at work painting her room because the nursery was originally blue.

Now it's a very pretty pale pink that will match the pink/chocolate brown look we're going for.

Excuse the corgi in the picture : ) He was mad that he wasn't allowed in the room all weekend, so he kept coming in the doorway and standing there.

I plan on doing dark wood nursery furniture and putting this decal up over the crib:
Mike is worried that it looks too Asian, but I love the pandas and I really hope someone will buy us this off of our registry:

We ended up buy fabric that my grandmother is making into a dust ruffle and curtains because I can't make myself spend over 150 dollars on bedding that won't even really be used. We won't use a bumper and a quilt can't be used for quite a while.

I'm 24 weeks 3 days today and am definitely showing. She has been kicking a lot and I can now finally see the kicks from the outside. However, as soon as Mike puts his hand on my belly, she stops kicking! She's stubborn already. I can't wait for January, but I know there's still a lot to get done before we're ready for her to be here.

Hopefully I'll be better about updating!!


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